Exploring through tidying

I’ve been told by several people that I shouldn’t do plant anything in an established garden in the first year; that I should wait and and get to know it – which areas are sunny and shady at different times of the day, whether there are any bulbs now lying dormant in garden beds, etc.

However, this still leaves me with plenty to do, starting with clearing up the fallen fruit. Trees do drop some of their fruit (quite a lot, sometimes) as it ripens; I’ve heard it called the June drop over in the UK, but I’m not sure what we call it here. March drop, perhaps?

I’ve also read that this can be affected by adverse weather. Well, there was some incredibly hot weather, followed by a lot of rain, when we were moving in, so quite a few apples and pears ended up on the ground – I sometimes hear a thud when I’m outside as another one tumbles to the earth.

2017-03-07 08.28.13
Tidying up on a sunny morning for once

This is being helped along the birds, who seem to take a few bites of fruit and then throw it on the ground. I still got to eat some of what was on the trees – so did the birds and insects – and am looking forward to hopefully beating them to some of it next year.

I’ve spent the last few mornings out there with garbage bags, following the instructions of my course notes and other books on orchard hygiene. Fruit left on the ground can attract fruit flies and other insects, or increase the risk of various fungi, so cleaning up reduces the chance of insect infestation, diseases and other issues next season.

2017-03-09 08.14.20
Tidying up the fallen pears

There have been a few discoveries made in the process – I found some strawberries under the Cox’s Pippin Orange, and a pot filled with houseleeks (this pleased G greatly, as he likes these little succulents).

I’m looking forward to seeing what else is out there.


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