Seeds for Easter… and more bulbs!

Easter is over (we celebrated last weekend instead of the long weekend, due to illness) and instead of being surrounded by chocolate, I’m surrounded by seed packets and other garden toys, happily reading over planting instructions and planning where things will go. 

For the last four years, I’ve been asking my family if they could give me seeds for Easter instead of chocolate. It’s not that I don’t like chocolate – I love it – but because of food intolerances I can only eat very small amounts of dark chocolate.

Some of my Easter seeds – thai lime basil and garlic chives ‘broad leaf’

So I figured that seeds and bulbs might be a good alternative instead. Easter is about rebirth, so something that could be planted, either in autumn or later in the year, and bring life to the various containers I had at rental properties – and now our own garden – seemed very appropriate.

Both my family and G’s have obliged, for which I’m very grateful: I’ve passed on lists of things I’d like to try growing and they’ve presented me with a variety of seeds and bulbs, such as tulip and daffodil bulbs, alpine strawberry seeds and a range of flower seeds including lobelia, linaria and sweet William.

Marigold ‘sparky mix’ seeds

This year, my parents gave me a great assortment from Four Seasons Seeds*:

  • Nasturtium ‘black velvet’ and Marigold ‘sparky mix’, which will both make great companion plants for many of the vegetables I’m planning to grow. Plus, their pictures in the catalogues looked fascinating: I’ve never seen black nasturtiums before!
  • Thai lime basil – I’ve had far more luck with the Thai basil seedlings than with any other types of basil and as Thai basil is harder to find in the supermarkets, I thought I’d grow some more and experiment with different types.
  • Chinese leek flower, garlic chives and several packets of ‘Broad leaf’ garlic chives – these will all be planted as companion plants for the various fruit trees. Also, I can’t eat onions (apart from spring onions) and garlic, so I’m hoping these will work as an alternative in cooking.
Nasturtium ‘black velvet’ seeds

G’s family came up with something different this year and gave me two collapsible green waste bags – one large and one small – for cleaning up the garden. I’m very, very happy about these, as I still have plenty of ivy to tackle out there!

An exciting bulb discovery

I also made an interesting discovery in the garden this morning – there are more bulbs appearing, this time growing in the lawn near the first garage (we have two single garages – one near the house, one near the back fence). Looks like someone else may have had the idea of planting bulbs in the grass here before!

And there are plenty of them!

I’m very excited to see what they are… and to find out if there are any more planted anywhere else. I’ll keep checking the rest of the garden to see what else appears.

*This is not a sponsored post


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