A garden shed, a link to my past

If you’d asked me a few years ago whether I wanted or needed a garden shed, I probably would have said no. They were the small places where the lawnmower, the wheelbarrow – and probably spiders – lived, all crammed together with no real room for anyone to to move around inside.

Then I got one of my own. Possibly two. 

While we were renting, I usually just claimed a very small space of the garage to store these things. I didn’t spend much time in this space – it was usually more where the car lived, where the lawnmower lived, where the spiders seemed to be – and I didn’t really bother with spreading my things out.

My garden sheds.

However, here in the orchard, there are two sheds that I’ve been able to claim as my own. I quickly realised their advantages: they give me a retreat from the weather when I need to do gardening chores, somewhere to store things and come with shelves, so I can try to organise everything, give each item its own place, rather than keep things in boxes.

Since I’ve been gardening with containers, I don’t have a lot of gardening gear as yet, so it can all be stored and I still have room to move around, even sit down… maybe I should put a chair in there?

The main garden shed.

The other thing I love about the garden sheds is the smell. I can’t describe it – old wood, old building, earth… all of those things combined. It does, however, strike a very strong cord for me – it smells like the sheds on the farm property my grandparents used to own.

I spent a lot of my holidays there, going for walks, eating the apricots and plums that grew in the garden, having fun. It was sold when I was 17 and I missed it for a long time afterwards. But now, living here with over 20 fruit trees, it feels like I’ve gotten a small corner of the farm back… and the smell of the sheds just reinforces that impression.

The second garden shed.

So right now I can sit in my garden shed and sort through seeds, read instructions or even just plan ahead in the orchard. I’ll eventually spread to the second shed for tools… and if the lawnmower needs a home, I’ll begrudging give it space (until I manage to enact my plan of getting rid of as much of the grass as possible and replacing it with garden beds).


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