Thank goodness for books

June has arrived and it’s a cold, wet day outside – I can see light, steady rain falling from my study window. It was the perfect kind of day to stay inside during my lunchbreak and read with a cup of tea at my side. 

Looking out into the orchard (and at the overcast, late afternoon sky) from the back door.

I wouldn’t be able to head outside for long anyway, as my foot is still injured and I’ve got to take it easy for a bit. So I’m continuing my garden research with a variety of books, and will continue to do so for a couple of weeks. Luckily for me, there’s always plenty on the list!

Some of my garden books… there’s plenty more space on the shelves for more gardening books.

Earlier this week, I read an e-book of Secrets of the Red Lantern: Stories and Recipes from the Heart by Pauline Nguyen, Luke Nguyen and Mark Jensen, which is both a cookbook with delicious recipes and the story of Pauline’s family escaping from Vietnam and coming to live in Australia. I love both the story and the recipes – I’ve been trying to figure out the botanical name for fish mint and whether I can grow it (the name mint does make me suspect I might need to grow it in a pot).

I’m now reading Trevor Corson’s The Zen of Fish: The Story of Sushi, from Samurai to Supermarket (as an e-book). As you probably guessed from the title, there’s a lot of information about fish, but there’s also plenty of information about rice, miso, seaweed and wasabi.

More of my gardening books (and I also own several gardening e-books).

I’m not a spice fan, I’m afraid, but maybe I should recommend growing wasabi to the spice lovers in my family. The Zen of Fish has also made me more determined to try growing perilla, which is described as a lemony member of the mint family (Chapter 23).

My shelf of Mary Stewart books is calling me as well, particularly the ones set in Greece as the weather here gets colder. This Rough Magic for the rose garden (and the beach), The Moonspinners for the fabulous wildflowers (and the beach) … yes, I’ll definitely be reading these soon.

My collection of Mary Stewart’s books, which will soon be expanded.

I also read some exciting news today on Mary Queen of Plots, written by another fan of Mary Stewart – the upcoming paperback edition of The Wind Off The Small Isles will also include the Lost Ones! I do own an older copy of The Wind Off The Small Isles (tracked down by G and I), but I had to get hold of a new story if possible – and the cover art is lovely, have a look at Mary Queen of Plots to see it!

There are also plenty of gardening books on the shelf to be read and re-read as well (as you can see from the photos), and study notes to be read (and work to be done, of course!). So I figure I can stand a few weeks inside.

Looking up at the overcast, late afternoon sky from the back door.

4 thoughts on “Thank goodness for books

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog, Laura! I love your Mary Stewart bookshelf and I’m itching to see the covers of the shortest books especially – Airs and Madam – as I don’t recognise those editions at all… And of course, like you, I am itching to have the new Small Isles paperback in my hands.

    I also love your purple photos of your garden, they are so atmospheric.


    1. Laura

      You’re very welcome and thanks – I got a big surprise when I looked out and saw that purple colour (no filters used and I don’t think my phone’s camera did that colour complete justice).

      Liked by 1 person

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