Rhododendrons and Scottish islands

We’re coming up to the end of May and we have some cold nights ahead of us this week, according to the weather forecasts. I still haven’t managed to get outside much in the last few days, as wearing shoes is still difficult and it’s much too cold to go barefoot, but this hasn’t stopped me reading and planning.  Continue reading “Rhododendrons and Scottish islands”

The fascinating world of tomatoes

The last of this year’s tomato plants have been pulled out and some winter crops sowed, but as I’ve mentioned before I’m already looking ahead to what I’ll grow in the spring and summer. The number one plant on the list is tomatoes, but we’re having some trouble choosing varieties, as I’d never realised before how many there are!  Continue reading “The fascinating world of tomatoes”

Lilies, roses and cool water – The Gabriel Hounds

I’m definitely going through a phase of re-reading Mary Stewart’s ‘romantic suspense’ novels right now – not just for the wonderful plots and locations, but to re-explore some of the gardens and wildflowers mentioned in them. This week I decided to revisit the Lebanon and Dar Ibrahim’s Seraglio garden with The Gabriel HoundsContinue reading “Lilies, roses and cool water – The Gabriel Hounds”