Making plans in (almost) winter

The Queen’s Birthday long weekend is over and I’m back at my desk. I spent a good part of the weekend making plans for the garden, scribbling down several lists, and a small part of it outside, talking over my plans with G and taking photos of what’s happening out in the garden right now.  Continue reading “Making plans in (almost) winter”

Rhododendrons and Scottish islands

We’re coming up to the end of May and we have some cold nights ahead of us this week, according to the weather forecasts. I still haven’t managed to get outside much in the last few days, as wearing shoes is still difficult and it’s much too cold to go barefoot, but this hasn’t stopped me reading and planning.  Continue reading “Rhododendrons and Scottish islands”

Bulbs, birds and bees

It’s the beginning of May now in the orchard and as the fruit trees gradually start to lose their leaves, I’ve made a few more discoveries. The first is a small patch of what I’m fairly sure are white Nerines, growing near the back door – I’d been planning on planting these within the orchard eventually, so it’s great to see some already doing well here.  Continue reading “Bulbs, birds and bees”

Seeds for Easter… and more bulbs!

Easter is over (we celebrated last weekend instead of the long weekend, due to illness) and instead of being surrounded by chocolate, I’m surrounded by seed packets and other garden toys, happily reading over planting instructions and planning where things will go.  Continue reading “Seeds for Easter… and more bulbs!”